USPiTec 2012

USPiTec 2012

Assembly of the water pump

New sails assembly

Assembly of the sails

Turbina Eólica Vertical

Assembly of the Sails Structure

Assembly of the tower

The first stage of the assembly of the prototype was completed by fixing the support tower.

Model in the IPT wind tunnel

All About Energy 2011

Agrotins 2011

By invitation of the Undersecretariat of Clean Energies of the State of Tocantins we exhibited at Agrotins 2011 from May 9 to 14.

We exhibited the model of the vertical axis sail operated wind turbine which was built with participation of the Mariano Ferraz Senai schoo land used in the wind tunnel tests at IPT. We also did two presentations on wind energy.

The exhibit has large local penetration and visitors showed great interest in relation to the concept of our wind generator.